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Zobo is a extensively held beverage drink in Nigeria popularly known as ‘Zoborodo’ within the Northern a part of the nation. Zobo’s English title is Hibiscus tea.

Comprised of Hibiscus leaves, the pleasant drink shouldn’t be solely revitalizing but in addition extremely nutritious and as such, has quite a few well being advantages. A whole lot of worldwide and Nigerian eating places have it listed of their meal menu for patrons to get pleasure from with different meals. Zobo drink will be made and drank with out sugar. However in the event you should make it sweeter, use pure and recent fruits as they’re wholesome and higher.


  • It stimulates menses and reduces menstrual ache:

A lady who undergoes irregular menstruation ought to take Zobo drink as may help to revive stability. Additionally it is nice for girls and women who are suffering from excruciating cramps whereas menstruating because it gives pure reduction. As a consequence of hormonal adjustments throughout menstruation, temper swings, overeating or melancholy might set in all you want do is feed your physique system with one cup of Hibiscus tea.

Zobo drink’s excessive vitamin C recent fruits, dried Hibiscus leaves, clove, and ginger make it wealthy in nutritional vitamins and antioxidants which are able to bettering one’s physique immune system and metabolism.

Zobo drink for males helps sperm enhance and promotes fertility whereas it is the reverse within the case of ladies. Hibiscus tea when mixed with ginger and consumed on daily basis, may help to enhance sperm fertility.

For ladies, Zobo drink can certainly assist with irregular menstruation however is unhealthy for his or her ovulation. Therefore it’s suggested to keep away from it if you’re a lady attempting to conceive.

  • Zobo drink helps cut back blood strain

One well-known well being advantage of Zobo drink is that it will probably assist to cut back hypertension. Analysis and research have proven that Hibiscus tea is sweet for hypertensive sufferers as it will probably cut back systolic and diastolic blood strain.

  • Hibiscus tea may also help with weight reduction:

A variety of research suggest Zobo drink for weight reduction and safety towards weight problems. They’re of the opinion that hibiscus tea will be all one would want to burn out that physique/stomach fats.

  • Additionally it is wealthy in antioxidants:

One other notable well being advantage of Zobo drink is its abundance of anti-oxidants because it helps to chase away free radicals, which might trigger cell injury.

  • Zobo drink reduces ldl cholesterol within the physique:

Excessive ldl cholesterol is linked with the danger of coronary heart illness. Research have proven that hibiscus tea can truly assist cut back blood fats ranges.Zobo drink

Based on analysis, top-of-the-line natural tea to assist one sleep higher is Zobo drink.

Why? This distinctive drink comprises melatonin which helps regulate one’s sleep-wake cycle.

  • It may well stop most cancers too:

Research have recommended Zobo drink as one of many preventive measures towards most cancers. Hibiscus has Polyphenols compounds, that are demonstrated to have potent anti-cancer properties, subsequently might help in gradual tumour progress and stopping most cancers.

  • Elevated and regained urge for food:

Lack of urge for food will be regained with a Zobo drink. Sometimes, one’s lack of urge for food for meals could possibly be a results of a digestive system concern which a drink of Hibiscus tea can simply resolve.

  • It might help with kidney illnesses:

Hibiscus tea has been researched to be good for kidneys particularly as it’s crammed with antioxidants that remove free radicals, which will be dangerous to the kidneys.

  • Zobo drink promotes radiant and glowing pores and skin:

The pure acids existent in Hibiscus tea assist to purify one’s pores and skin by breaking down lifeless pores and skin cells and rising cell turnover. These pure acids may even assist to regulate pimples breakouts. Zobo drink helps to clear off age-related spots, giving one a singular and smoother-looking pores and skin tone.

  • It additionally helps to cut back blood Sugar Stage:

The Hibiscus tea is highly effective sufficient to assist decrease one’s blood sugar degree. It has been researched to be useful in decreasing the danger of type-2 diabetes present in adults. The hypolipidemic and hypoglycemic properties in hibiscus tea modulate the blood glucose response by influencing how insulin is secreted by the physique.

  • It helps to keep up good eyesight.
  • It additionally promotes correct perform of the liver.
  • Zobo drink helps to fight anemia.
  • It additionally helps to deal with constipation issues.
  • Hibiscus tea additionally serves as an power booster.
  • It comprises vitamin b3 to assist the physique perform.


  1. Individuals with low blood strain
  2. Pregnant ladies
  3. Girls who need to enhance their ovulation
  4. People who find themselves slim and aiming to realize weight
  5. Individuals with diarrhea
  6. Girls or wives attempting to conceive
  7. Breastfeeding moms

Occupied with making your individual do-it-yourself Zobo drink? Click on on the video under for a tutorial.