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What is the difference between bodybuilding and fitness

  A, fitness and bodybuilding are different concepts

  Fitness exercise: through action exercises, so that people are healthy, physical fitness, life is richer.

  Bodybuilding exercise: through action exercises, so that the body parts of the muscles are well-developed and proportionate, physical fitness, and rich sculpture sense of artistic beauty.

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  Second, the purpose of fitness and bodybuilding are different

  Bodybuilding is a movement that emphasizes muscle fitness and beauty. Weight training is an important training element of bodybuilding, but bodybuilding does not aim to pursue maximum strength, the purpose of weight training is to increase muscle mass and improve lines; on the other hand, control of body fat ratio is also the focus of bodybuilding.

  There are many kinds of fitness, such as a variety of unarmed aerobics, rhythmic gymnastics, physical exercises and a variety of self-resistance movements, gymnastics can enhance the strength, flexibility, increase endurance, improve coordination, control the ability of all parts of the body, thus making the body strong and healthy. If you want to achieve the purpose of stress relief, at least 3 times a week exercise.



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