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How to eat a fitness diet Pay attention to these items to increase muscle and reduce fat

No matter how you train, but if your diet is uncontrollable, the final fitness effect is still not satisfactory. If you want a good figure, you must ensure that the calories you take in are less than the calories you consume. Therefore, the fitness diet is very important, so how do you think the fitness diet should be eaten? Let's take a look at the fitness food.


How to eat fitness diet


   1. Food should be diversified

   Try to ensure that every meal has staple food, protein, lipids, vegetables/fruits.


   Breakfast: It must be rich, with protein, carbohydrate, vegetables, and fruits, all of which cannot be missed.


  Lunch: Take moderate amount of protein, whole grains as the main food, plenty of vegetables/fruits.


  Dinner: Ingest simple and easy-to-digest protein, moderate vegetables/fruits.


   2. Eat smaller meals and more meals with a balanced calorie distribution

   Eating smaller meals and more meals can prevent excessive intake due to hunger. Eating small and frequent meals can maintain a sense of fullness for a long time and maintain the stability and consumption of energy in the body. Small meals and more meals are generally eaten every three hours. Generally speaking, there are 6 meals a day, 3 regular meals + 3 extra meals.



  If calculated by consuming 2000 kcal per day:

  Fat-reduced health friends consume 1,600 calories a day. It is recommended that breakfast is 500 calories, lunch and dinner are 400 calories, and 3 extra meals are each 100 calories.


   Muscle-builders consume 2400 calories a day. It is recommended that each of the 3 meals is 600 calories, and the 3 extra meals are each 200 calories.


  This data is for your reference only, and it is specifically formulated according to your own situation.


How to eat fitness diet


  3, 3 cooking methods should be less: less oil, less salt, less sugar


   When cooking food, choose a light way of less frying and more steaming. Vegetables can be mostly cold and salad. The cooked meat is tasteless, and seasonings can be added appropriately, such as salt, black pepper, chili powder, lemon juice, and other spices. Many people think that fitness meals are unpalatable because they don’t make good use of seasonings. The less mentioned here is not completely eliminated. As long as the amount is appropriate, it will not have a bad effect on fitness. For example: ground black pepper, in addition to seasoning, has a unique fragrance; lemon juice can remove fishy; when marinating meat, adding rosemary/thyme and other spices can produce a unique flavor.


   4. Choice of ingredients

   High-quality carbs: brown rice, oats, whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta/macaroni, corn, potatoes, purple sweet potatoes, beans, millet, yam, etc.


   High-quality protein: chicken breast, eggs (boiled), fish (salmon, cod, tuna), shrimp, beef, shellfish, milk, yogurt, etc.


   High-quality lipids: vegetable oil (olive oil, corn oil, etc.), linseed, pumpkin seeds, soybeans, almonds, walnuts, cashews, pistachios, etc.


   Vegetables: broccoli, celery, asparagus, lettuce, tomato, spinach, carrot/white radish, kelp, cabbage, baby cabbage, lettuce, mushrooms, etc.


   Fruits: dragon fruit, cherry, banana, apple, blueberry, kiwi, grapefruit, pear, avocado, etc.



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