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What to pay attention to when training your back muscles

Having a good-looking back has always been the dream of many people. If you want to develop a generous back, the exercise of the back muscles is essential. The difficulty of back muscle training is not small for all muscles. When we exercise the back muscles, we must ensure the strength of the training, and we must pay attention to some things. So what do you think should be paid attention to when training your back muscles? Let's go see it together!


What to pay attention to when training your back muscles


  What to pay attention to when training back muscles

  First point, learn to control the shoulder blades when exercising the back muscles

  Many people can't find the feeling when they first exercise their back muscles, mainly because they can't actively control their shoulder blades. Many of our back muscles are related to the shoulder blades. For example, our trapezius muscles are connected to the shoulder blades.


Therefore, if we can tighten our scapula when we exercise our back muscles, let it contract back slightly and drop, we can reduce the strength of some muscles and make those muscles that are not connected to the scapula more fully. For example, our latissimus dorsi is one of them.


What to pay attention to when training your back muscles


   The second point, pay attention to the importance of pull-ups when exercising back muscles

       After learning all kinds of fixed equipment and barbell exercises, many people abandon the freehand exercise of pull-ups. They feel that this exercise is useless. In fact, pull-ups are the best exercise for exercising latissimus dorsi.


   It can exercise the lower part of our back muscles very well, so that our latissimus dorsi muscles have better integrity, which many people can't do. Because many people like rowing and other actions, and these actions tend to have a very poor effect on the lower part of the latissimus dorsi. Therefore, the back muscles can be exercised with rowing movements, but if you want to practice well, you still need to cooperate with the pull-ups.


   The third point is to increase the thickness of the back muscles is very important

       Many people ignore the upper back muscles. The muscles here include trapezius, rhomboid and rotator cuff muscles and so on. However, many people only pay attention to the latissimus dorsi muscle, which causes the thickness of the back muscles to be insufficient.


   At this time, we need to train and adjust the rowing movements. Rowing movements such as barbell leaning over and rowing are very easy to find the pump feeling of the back muscles, so it is very helpful to the strength of the back muscles. When exercising the back muscles, it is generally necessary to arrange three or so rowing movements, so as to fully exercise the thickness of the back muscles.



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