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Is it useful to have a general belly roll? How to do a belly roll to eliminate a general belly

General belly is a very common phenomenon among middle-aged men. General belly is mainly caused by living habits or work pressure. Many people want to reduce the general's belly, but don't know what exercise is better. Some people recommend doing abdominal crunches to effectively reduce the general's belly. So do you think the general belly is useful for making belly rolls? Let's go see it together!


Is it useful to have a general belly roll? How to do a belly roll to eliminate a general belly


   Is it useful to make a belly roll?

   Abdominal exercise is a good exercise for abdominal muscles. Abdominal exercise mainly exercises rectus abdominis, which is a main method to eliminate general belly. The force point for the curling is the abdominal muscles. In other words, the abdominal muscles squeeze and pull up the upper body. At this time, the pressure is concentrated on the abdominal muscles, and the hands are only gently placed behind the head, and there is no force at all. So as long as you master this point, you can do a good belly roll, which can fully stimulate the muscles of the upper abdomen and eliminate the general's belly.


Is it useful to have a general belly roll? How to do a belly roll to eliminate a general belly


  How to make a belly roll to eliminate the general belly

   The first stage, flat belly roll

   Lie flat, knees bent, feet flat on the ground. Fold your hands on your chest, and lift your upper body with your abdomen. After the long-distance running every day, do 4 sets, a set of 20, and rest for 30 seconds between sets. The movement is the simplest at the beginning, but it is perseverance.


   The second stage, raise your legs and tighten your abdomen

   Lie flat, with legs bent and raised, legs parallel to the ground, hands holding head and rolling belly. Still four groups a day. This stage is more difficult than the previous stage, and the abdomen bears more force. The difficulty at this stage is to keep the body stable, and the spine must be close to the ground and not elevated.


   The third stage, lower your legs and curl your abdomen

   Put the leg down, still keeping it in the air, a few inches away from the ground. Put your hands on your ears, and then roll your abdomen. This is even more difficult, and it is even more necessary to control your body balance. "A group of 20. It is difficult to persist at the beginning. You must not be lazy. You must strictly follow the requirements of the movement, even if you stop slightly in the middle." Each stage of the movement must be unfamiliar to proficient. After about a month and a half, the abdomen will become quite tight. To. If you add 40-50 minutes of jogging a day, the "general belly" will naturally disappear.



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