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How to get rid of carrot legs, these three ways to make your calves beautiful

Some girls are particularly concerned about the shape of their legs. Carrot legs are a nightmare in the hearts of such people. Turnip legs usually walked incorrectly, or made more jumps and other actions. Once their legs become carrot legs, then they will definitely try all kinds of ways to reduce carrot legs. So how do you think you can get rid of carrot legs? Let's go see it together!


How to get rid of carrot legs


  1, hero sitting posture

   Method: Kneeling, knee joints together, feet the same width as the pelvis, toes point directly behind the body, buttocks to the ground between the legs, keep the upper body upright for 3-5 minutes.


   Function: It can fully stretch the ankles, knees, front thigh muscles, and outer calf muscles. It has a good effect on alleviating foot deformities, tired legs, hip or knee joint injuries, varicose veins and lower back pain caused by long-term walking with high heels. In addition, it can tighten the thighs and beautify the calf line. When you get used to this sitting position, you can try to lie down to increase the difficulty.


How to get rid of carrot legs


  2, high-strength stretch

   Method: Kneeling, supporting the ground with both hands and knees, extending the left leg forward, touching the ground with the heel, hooking the toes back firmly, moving the hands slowly forward, lengthen the spine toward the toes, and hold for 1 minute. Retract the body, keep the left leg straight, open the instep forward and turn to the left, the outside of the foot touches the ground, the sole of the foot is perpendicular to the ground, and the sole of the foot is to the right. Slowly move your hands forward, lengthen the spine toward the toes, and hold for 1 minute.


   Function: It can strongly stretch all the muscles around the calf, deeply relax the tense calf, and gradually turn the spherical calf muscle into a long-line spindle shape, which is especially suitable for people with muscular physique to do calf and ankle shaping exercises.


  3, leg stretch

   Method: Lie on your back with your legs bent, arms open parallel to your shoulders. Straighten the left leg upwards and hold for 1 minute. Use your toes to draw circles to move your ankles. 1 minute in each direction in both directions, and then repeat this movement with the right leg. If you are afraid of tiredness, you can use a towel to go around your thighs and stretch toward your body to keep your legs upright. When completing this movement, the knee must be straight and not bend.


   Effect: The upside-down posture of the legs can enhance the blood circulation of the legs, produce detoxification effects, and relieve the swelling and fatigue of the legs. Rotating the toes can deeply massage the muscles of the back of the calf. When the toes are up, it can tighten the calf muscles, and when the toes are down, it can stretch the calf muscles. This action can not only consolidate the shaping of the calf line by the high-intensity stretching exercise, but also further eliminate the thick ankle caused by edema.



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