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I have been using this shaker bottle for exercise for many years.

These mixing bottles are really top quality. We bought two bottles for two old ones, the quality is obvious. Well worth the extra few dollars, works fine, easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and no leaks so far. The color is also beautiful. A very tight seal is required when mixing.

I have been using this shaker bottle for exercise for many years. I lost my first bottle (typically black with transparent cap) and immediately bought a new one. I am very happy that I got this color because the best protein shaker bottle is unique. I insist on the durability of the best protein shaker bottle, because my first one has used me for many years. If I did not lose the best protein shaker bottle, I would last longer. I really use this mixing bottle every day, every penny is worth the money, it never leaks, and it's easy to clean. I can also throw out the best protein shaker bottle, carry it with me all day, and everything will be fine. A mixing bottle is a good choice, especially if you are mixing things or you are a regular visitor to the gym.

I bought this bottle to add to the rotation of the Keto Shakes I consume every day. The bottle is strong and keeps my milkshake cool. No complaints here.

There have been many of these over the years. Love the new round bottom V2 "butt"! Protein powder can no longer hide "creases"! It is also easier to clean up. I'm not destroying my originals, but these are definitely worth the money!



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