Elden Ring: From Tarnished to Triumphant – Avoiding Common Missteps on Your Lands Between Journey

Elden Ring beckons with its sprawling landscapes, punishing combat, and cryptic allure. But for new Tarnished, the path to becoming Elden Lord can be littered with pitfalls. Worry not, fellow warriors! Heed these insights and emerge from the fog a seasoned conqueror.

Mastering Combat:

  1. Banish the Panic Rolls: We’ve all been there – the enemy swings, and your fingers unleash a torrent of dodges. But resist the urge! Learn enemy attack patterns, dodge strategically, and counter their blows for devastating effect. Patience and timing are your true allies.
  2. Rainbow Stones, Your Cliff-Side Saviors: Before leaping into the unknown, toss a Rainbow Stone. If it shatters, prepare for a messy landing. If it survives, jump with joyous abandon! These colorful pebbles are your ticket to avoiding gravity-defying mishaps.
  3. Embrace the Parry, But Don’t Overdo It: The parry, a well-timed shield bash, can turn the tide against even the most formidable foe. However, relying solely on it can leave you vulnerable. Master the art of weaving between offensive and defensive tactics for a truly formidable repertoire.

Navigating the World:

  1. Beware the Simmering Flame: That lingering warmth after hugging Fia? It’s the Simmering Flame debuff, sapping your precious health. Cure it with Bin’s Blessing, or simply avoid Fia’s…questionable affections altogether.
  2. Aggro Amnesty – Atone for Your Sins: Accidentally attacked a friendly NPC? Fear not! Atone at the Church of Vows, offering Celestial Dew as an apology. They’ll forgive your blunder and let you resume your merry (non-murderous) way.
  3. Remember, Remembrances Can Be Doubled: Don’t fret about choosing between those coveted rewards from powerful bosses. Seek out the walking mausoleums, colossal stone giants roaming the landscape. With a deft blow, you can duplicate your Remembrances and claim both items!

Maximizing Your Looting:

  1. Silver Fowl Foot, Your Loot Magnet: Farming for rare armor pieces or potent spells? Savor the taste of the Silver Pickled Fowl Foot. This culinary delight boosts your item discovery, making those coveted drops materialize more frequently. Remember, patience is key, Tarnished!
  2. Early Stones, Spend Them Freely: In the early game, Smithing Stones might seem precious. But fear not! Upgrade your gear! Those early improvements will make the later challenges much more manageable. Hoarding stones will only hinder your progress.

Building Your Character:

  1. Respec, Respec, Respec: Don’t feel locked into your starting class. After defeating Rennala, the Queen of the Full Moon, you can completely respec your character! Experiment with different builds, find your perfect playstyle, and dominate the battlefield.
  2. Shields and Skills, a Synergistic Symphony: Craving both defensive prowess and offensive might? Seek out the No Skill Ash of War at the Warmaster’s Shack. It allows you to utilize your weapon’s special skill while retaining the protection of your trusty shield. Become a master of both offense and defense!

Unleashing Your Inner Summoner:

  1. Lone Wolves, Jellyfish, and Skeletal Soldiers: Don’t go solo, Tarnished! Befriend Spirit Ashes, your loyal companions in this perilous journey. The Lone Wolves offer fierce melee support, the Jellyfish provides ranged magical attacks, and the Skeleton Militia Men are an undying wall of bone and steel. Choose your allies wisely and conquer the challenges together.

Exploration – The Key to Progress:

  1. Beyond the Golden Path: The Elden Ring rewards the curious. Don’t rush the main story. Explore hidden caves, uncover ancient ruins, and delve into optional dungeons. Not only will you discover powerful gear and valuable resources, but you’ll also unravel the fascinating lore of the Lands Between.
  2. Don’t Miss the Glowing Skulls: Those unassuming skulls scattered around? Don’t underestimate them! They hold bonus runes, a welcome boost to your coffers. Squash them while mounted or roll over them for a quick reward. Every rune counts, Tarnished!


  • Knowledge is power. Master these insights, and you’ll be slaying demigods, crafting legendary gear, and unraveling the mysteries of the Elden Ring in no time.
  • Share your own mistake-busting tips in the comments below! We’re all learning together on this epic adventure.
  • And above all, Tarnished, never give up. The Elden Ring awaits, and with perseverance and these guiding principles, you will claim your rightful place as the Elden Lord. But your journey is far from over! Once you grasp the Elden Ring and rewrite the fate of the Lands Between, new challenges beckon. Dive into New Game Plus, where familiar foes return with heightened ferocity, secrets lie deeper still, and even mightier treasures await discovery. Test your mettle against invading phantoms, craft unthinkable armaments, and uncover the deepest lore hidden within.

Here are some additional tips to conquer New Game Plus:

  • Experiment with advanced combat techniques. Master weapon arts, chain devastating combos, and unleash powerful sorceries and incantations.
  • Seek out legendary talismans and armor sets that enhance your chosen build and grant unique abilities.
  • Explore hidden areas you might have missed the first time around. Secrets abound in the Lands Between, waiting to be unraveled by the discerning eye.
  • Challenge the optional bosses, fearsome creatures that offer unparalleled rewards and a true test of your skills.
  • Help fellow Tarnished on their journeys. Leave your summon sign to assist others in overcoming challenging bosses, and reap the rewards of cooperation.

Remember, Tarnished, the Elden Ring is a boundless world, ripe for exploration and conquest. With these tips and your unwavering determination, you can rise to ever greater heights, etch your name in the legend of the Lands Between, and become a true master of the Elden Ring.

So, charge forth, brave warrior! May your journey be glorious, your battles triumphant, and your reign as Elden Lord eternal!

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