Elden Ring’s Unseen Depths: 15 Obscure Tips & Tricks To Elevate Your Lands Between Voyage

Elden Ring’s sprawling tapestry, even months after its unveiling, continues to shimmer with hidden threads waiting to be unraveled. Beyond the monumental bosses and breathtaking landscapes, tucked away in crevices and whispered by the wind, lie a trove of obscure yet incredibly useful tips and tricks. Prepare, Tarnished, to unravel the unseen depths of your journey with these 15 secrets that might just rewrite your Elden Ring experience:

1. Stamina Surge of the Crouch: When exhaustion nips at your heels, unleash a hidden burst of energy. Press crouch quickly followed by standing up to trigger a surprising stamina surge, letting you extend your sprint and outmaneuver even the most relentless pursuers. Remember, Tarnished, sometimes slowing down is the fastest way ahead.

2. Flame Cleanse Me: The Frostbite Slayer: This unassuming incantation holds more utility than meets the eye. While it adeptly removes poison and Scarlet Rot, its fiery nature packs an additional punch: curing frostbite. Don’t be fooled by its humble appearance, Flame Cleanse Me is a potent tool for venturing into frigid realms, offering both offense and defense in a single cast.

3. Pouch Shortcuts: Instant Gratification: The pouch isn’t just for spirit summoning. Stash an HP or FP flask within its depths for instant access, bypassing menu detours and ensuring you’re always one swig away from peak performance. Remember, Tarnished, swiftness is the essence of survival.

4. The Up Button’s Forgotten Magic: Struggle no more with cumbersome menu navigation. Pressing the Up button while the top or bottom menu is selected instantly leaps back to your first sorcery/incantation. No more scrolling through spellbooks in the heat of battle, just pure, potent sorcery at your fingertips.

5. Weapon Combos Unleashed: Beyond the standard charged attack, some weapons whisper of hidden combos for the discerning fighter. Curved swords, for example, unleash a swift dodge upon a charged attack press, perfect for hit-and-run tactics. Thrusting swords and rapiers join the dance, offering the same nimble retreat. Master these hidden moves, Tarnished, and become a whirlwind of unpredictable grace.

6. Rune Transparency: No More Guessing Games: Patch 1.05 brings a welcome clarity to your rune hoard. No more squinting at the Golden Rune inventory, wondering if you can afford that coveted upgrade. Now, the exact number of runes shines brightly, ensuring informed spending decisions.

7. Crafting Book Secrets: Unlocking a new crafting book is exciting, but deciphering its contents can be time-consuming. Fear not, Tarnished! Simply read the book in your menu to unveil a complete list of newly craftable items. No more spelunking through menus, just immediate crafting inspiration at your fingertips.

8. Crystal Dart Disruption: Impish Mayhem: Crystal darts aren’t just for plinking away at distant enemies. Throw them at imps or Watchdogs to witness their primal rage boil over. They’ll turn on each other in a frenzy, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the show (or take advantage of the chaos to pick them off one by one).

9. Pureblood Knight’s Medal: The Mid-Combat Escape Artist: Stuck in a boss fight with your runes hanging precariously in the balance? The Pureblood Knight’s Medal offers a daring solution. This unassuming item allows teleporting mid-combat, letting you bank your precious runes at a Site of Grace before returning to the fray. Remember, Tarnished, retreat isn’t surrender, it’s strategic regrouping.

10. Grace Highlights: Never Forget an Upgrade: Patch 1.05 doesn’t just bring gameplay tweaks, it also offers a helping hand with forgetful Tarnished. Now, Sites of Grace highlight important items nearby, like Sacred Tears for flask upgrades. No more leaving valuable resources behind, just a convenient reminder to optimize your arsenal.

11. Heal Your Torrent: The Loyal Steed’s Secret Potion: Torrent, your faithful steed, deserves pampering too. Don’t let those wounds slow you down! Roa raisins, easily crafted with readily available Roa fruit, act as potent horse medicine. Keep a stash handy to ensure your trusty mount is always galloping at full speed.

12. Mimic Mimicry: Fashionable Healing Synergy: The Deathbed Dress isn’t just for fashion-forward Tarnished. Equip it in singleplayer with a Mimic Tear summon and prepare to be amazed. The Mimic will also wear the dress, granting both you and your spectral companion healing benefits when standing close. Style and substance, united at last!

13. Raptor of the Mist: Chariot Chaser no More: Those pesky chariots plaguing you in crumbling dungeons? Fear not, Tarnished! This Ash of War offers a satisfying solution. Raptor of the Mist grants the ability to phase through objects, chariots included. Simply equip it on a weapon, approach a chariot, and watch with glee as you effortlessly glide through its path. No more frustrating collisions, just smooth sailing (or gliding, as it were) through these perilous dungeons.

14. Marget Shackles: Beyond Margit’s Grasp: This seemingly boss-specific item holds a hidden potential that extends far beyond its intended use. Marget Shackles, in addition to stunning Margit, can dispel illusionary walls throughout the Lands Between. Explore with renewed vision, unearthing hidden treasures and secret paths with every click. But the versatility doesn’t stop there. These shackles can also activate or deactivate pillar traps, offering strategic control over the environment. Remember, Tarnished, knowledge is a weapon, and these shackles offer a surprising arsenal of its own.

15. Fall Check Attack Momentum: Embrace the Ledge: Unsure if that treacherous ledge leads to oblivion or another glorious adventure? Use the power of momentum to check! Attack while standing on the edge. If the game allows the swing to complete, the fall is safe. No more agonizing decisions fueled by guesswork, just calculated leaps of faith guided by the rhythm of your weapon.

Beyond the Tips:

These are just a few hidden gems waiting to be discovered in the vast tapestry of Elden Ring. Share your own obscure tips and tricks in the comments below, Tarnished! Let us build a community of knowledge and support, unlocking the true depths of this extraordinary game together. Remember, exploration is more than just mapping the Lands Between; it’s about unraveling the secrets whispered in the wind, the hidden mechanics embedded in every brick and blade. With these newfound tools and shared wisdom, your Elden Ring journey promises to be even richer, more exhilarating, and forever etched in the legends of the Lands Between.

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