Green Hell VR: Spirits of Amazonia – A Thrilling Expansion for VR Survival Fans

Calling all VR adventurers! If you’ve been craving more Green Hell VR or are simply eager for a fresh, immersive survival challenge, then the Spirits of Amazonia expansion is here to answer your call. This free update, available for both Oculus Quest and PC VR, injects a whole new story campaign, gameplay mechanics, and map into the already-gripping Green Hell VR experience.

What’s New in Spirits of Amazonia?

  • Brand New Story Campaign: Embark on a journey as Jake Higgins in his first trip to the Amazon rainforest. Thrust into the heart of the conflict between the peaceful Mu’agi tribe and the hostile Yarakana, you’ll play a pivotal role in their struggle for survival.
  • Explore a Lush New Map: Unravel the secrets of a vibrant, uncharted region teeming with danger and opportunity. Craft your path through dense foliage, treacherous rivers, and ancient ruins, all while evading the ever-present threat of the Yarakana.
  • Help the Mu’agi Tribe: Go beyond mere survival and become a beacon of hope for the Mu’agi. Heal their warriors, uncover their forgotten lore, and aid them in reclaiming their ancestral lands from the Yarakana’s grasp.
  • Deeper Immersion with Friendly Villages: The previously desolate landscape is now dotted with living, breathing villages populated by friendly NPCs. Trade, gather information, and find solace amidst the dangers of the jungle.
  • Enhanced Challenge: Prepare to face increased difficulty as you navigate the Yarakana’s cunning tactics and the unforgiving Amazonian environment.

Is Spirits of Amazonia for You?

  • Existing Green Hell VR Players: This expansion is a must-have for anyone who has already conquered the original campaign. Dive into a fresh adventure, rediscover the thrill of exploration, and test your survival skills in a new setting.
  • Newcomers to Green Hell VR: Even if you haven’t ventured into the Amazon before, Spirits of Amazonia offers a compelling entry point into the Green Hell VR world. The new story campaign and map provide a well-paced introduction to the game’s mechanics and challenges.

What’s Next for Green Hell VR?

While Spirits of Amazonia is currently only available as Part 1 in VR, with Part 2 already out on the flat-screen version, VR players can rest assured that the full story will eventually make its way to headsets. Additionally, the highly anticipated co-op multiplayer mode is slated for release sometime in 2024, promising an entirely new way to experience the thrills and terrors of the Amazon rainforest with friends.

In Conclusion:

Spirits of Amazonia is a triumphant expansion that breathes new life into Green Hell VR. With its captivating story, breathtaking map, and deeper gameplay mechanics, it’s a must-play for both seasoned VR adventurers and newcomers seeking an unforgettable survival experience. So, grab your machete, don your VR headset, and prepare to lose yourself in the vibrant, unforgiving embrace of the Amazon rainforest.

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