How to Change Username in WordPress


Have you ever tried to change your WordPress username just to see if it can be changed?

In this article, we will show you three methods you can use to change your username in WordPress.

Method 1: Create New User and Delete Old One

The easiest way to change the username is to create a new user with the username you want using the administrator role. However, you must use a different email address than the one used by the old account.

Now you have to log out and then log back in with the user account you just created. Go to the ‘Users’ section and click Delete under your old username.

Delete old user

Then you have to confirm the deletion, click Confirm Deletion to start deleting your old user.

Click confirm deletion

That alone has successfully changed your WordPress username. If you want, you can change the new user’s email address to use the old email address associated with the old username.

Method 2: Change Username Using Plugin

The second simple way to change your WordPress username is to use a plugin. If you are one of those users who don’t want to install a plugin for every little thing, then after changing this username you can safely remove the plugin.

The first thing you need to do is install and activate the Username Changer plugin. After activation, simply go to the Users > Profile page. In the Username section, click Change Username.

Change username with plugin

Then enter the new username you want and click Save Username when finished.

Save username changes

Method 3: Change WordPress Username Using phpMyAdmin

This method is more complicated as it requires direct changes to your WordPress database. We do not recommend that you make direct changes to the database. However, in some cases you may have no other choice.

For example, if you forget your username and email address to enter your dashboard. So by using this method, you can find your username and also change it.

The first thing you need to do is log in to cPanel hosting. Then scroll down to the ‘Database’ section and click on phpMyadmin.

Open phpmyadmin

Next, you need to select the WordPress site database from the left panel.

Choose a WordPress database

You will see a WordPress database table. By default, WordPress database tables use wp_ as a prefix before each table name. But there are some blog owners who may use a different prefix.

Click on the wp_users table on the left side. Then click Edit on the username you want to change.

Edit table user wordpress

Change the user_login value to whatever you want. For example, you can replace “admin” with your name.

Change user login value

Press the Go button to save changes.

This guide is very useful when you forget your username or email to be able to log in to the WordPress dashboard.

We hope this tutorial helped you learn how to properly change your WordPress username. You may also want to learn how to change category in WordPress URL.

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