How to Schedule Posts in WordPress


When you’re looking for a guide to scheduling posts in WordPress, you’re on the right page. Because this feature is very useful and hidden, that’s why many beginners don’t know about it.

By scheduling posts in WordPress, you no longer have to worry about publishing posts at a certain time.

In this article, we will show you how to schedule WordPress posts.

Why Scheduling Posts in WordPress is Important

To be able to create a successful blog, the best strategy is to publish posts regularly.

In this way the post scheduling feature is very important. You can write articles as you wish and after you’re done writing, you can schedule posts to publish at the date and time you specified.

Scheduling this post is also very useful when you are going on vacation. Where at that time you will not use the computer and it is impossible to make new posts.

Luckily before that happens, you’ve already scheduled a blog post. So you can enjoy your holidays without worrying about writing and publishing content.

How to Schedule Posts in WordPress

Actually, scheduling posts on WordPress is very easy. However, the option to schedule blog posts is not visible.

After finishing writing a post, you open it on the ‘Post’ tab on the right of the edit screen.

In the ‘Status & Visibility’ section, you click Immediately next to the Publish option.

Open Immediately

A calendar will appear asking you to specify the date and time when the post will be published.

Set the post publishing date

When you select a future date, you will see the publish button changes to Schedule…

Button Changes to Schedule

Now click the Schedule button. WordPress will automatically start scheduling your posts and publishing them according to the date and time you specified.

How to Schedule WordPress Posts in the Classic Editor

If you’re using the classic WordPress editor, and looking for a way to schedule posts, then read this guide carefully.

After finishing writing the article, look at the display on the right of the editor page. In the Publish section you will see the ‘Immediately’ option, then click Edit.

Schedule posts in classic editor

Now an option will appear, where you have to specify a date and time to publish the post. Then click OK when finished.

Classic editor manages post scheduling

You will notice that the publish button has now changed to schedule. Click the Schedule button to start saving changes.

At this point, the post scheduling process in WordPress is complete.

You need to know, sometimes this process experiences scheduling errors which result in posts not being published. If you’re experiencing this, our previous guide on how to fix post scheduling errors might be helpful.

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