POTASH: Uses, Benefits, Side Effects And Can Potash Be Used For Abortion?

POTASH: Makes use of, Advantages, Facet Results And Can Potash Be Used For Abortion?

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The title Potash was derived from “pot ash”, which implies plant ashes soaked in water in a pot. Potash is the frequent title given to a gaggle of minerals and chemical substances that include potassium, which is a fundamental nutrient for vegetation and an necessary ingredient in fertilizer.

The phrase Potassium is derived from potash. Potassium is a crucial aspect of the human food regimen as it’s concerned in each mobile metabolism and physique features. It’s important for progress and upkeep of tissues, muscle groups and organs, in addition to {the electrical} exercise of the center.

Research have proven that potash is the second most popularly used salt in Nigeria.


  • It’s normally added to Ewedu and okra soup throughout preparation.
  • Potash can be used for mixing water and oil whereas getting ready native dishes similar to Abacha, Ugba and Nkwobi. (Common delicacies that originated from the south jap a part of Nigeria).
  • It’s normally used for getting ready sure meals to shorten the cooking time.
  • Potash is edible, and has a salty style which is usually ashy, with a tremendous metallic texture.

Though potash is used for sure meals preparations, research have proven that it isn’t appropriate for our well being, particularly when the meals just isn’t cooked. Thus, curbing the extent of consumption is very advisable. Palm fruit ashes, ashes of roasted peels of unripe plantain and baking soda are more healthy alternate options to potash.

Additionally it is believed that potash may be floor and blended with water earlier than making use of on a tooth to alleviate toothache. Nonetheless, it’s suggested you go to the dentist to seek out the reason for the ache and have it handled.

Potash resolution can be utilized as a preservative.

It comprises some fungicidal properties thereby making it able to getting used for cleansing and stopping molds and mildews.

  • Fireplace extinguishing functions:

Research have proven that potash, which is also called potassium bicarbonate can be utilized as a hearth suppressant, and may typically be present in some dry fireplace extinguishers.

Potash is a crucial fertilizing ingredient that helps to enhance crop yield, improve resistance to ailments and heighten water retention.


We have all heard plenty of tales about how edible potash just isn’t good for us. So, decreasing the consumption could be very advisable and we have to think about any safer ingredient that can be utilized instead. A few of these alternate options embody:

  • Burnt palm fruit stalk/plantain skins.
  • Baking soda.


  1. Extreme consumption might result in its accumulation that might trigger extreme and irreparable harm to the kidneys in addition to disrupt regular physique features, which can ultimately result in demise.
  2. Potash also can trigger lack of urge for food, weak point, decreased exercise degree, and weight reduction.
  3. Excessive ingestion of the substance might additionally result in liver issues.
  4. Consumption of potash in excessive amount will increase the uterine contraction in girls, which might induce untimely supply or abortion through the early levels of being pregnant.
  5. Potash additionally reduces the protein worth in a single’s food regimen.
  6. An excessive amount of consumption of potash by males could make them inclined them to low sperm manufacturing.
  7. The excessive sodium content material in Potash makes it accumulate within the blood, therefore triggering hypertension. This sole issue makes it unhealthy for consumption by people with hypertension.
  8. Excessive degree of potash in meals and ingesting water could possibly be dangerous to human well being.


There’s a well-liked perception that Potash could also be used to abort pregnancies. How protected is that this? It’s true that Potash can really trigger miscarriage within the first trimester of being pregnant as a result of will increase uterine contractility in girls.

However this doesn’t imply that the usage of Potash for abortion is suitable. Utilizing Potash throughout early being pregnant can result in heavy bleeding and have big destructive impacts on one’s well being than anticipated. Subsequently pregnant girls are extremely suggested to chorus from taking any form of potash concoction. If an undesirable being pregnant happens, it’s best to contact the physician and don’t threat your well being.

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