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Postinor-2, popularly usually referred to as the “morning-after pill,” is an emergency contraceptive. It’s a kind of contraceptive that’s taken after s3x to help cease being pregnant when no totally different methods of stopping being pregnant have been used sooner than intercourse.

When taken inside 72 hours after unprotected intercourse, it is used to cease being pregnant. Postinor-2 is predicted to cease 85 per cent of deliberate pregnancies.

If used all through the primary 24 hours after unprotected intercourse, 95 per cent of anticipated pregnancies will be averted; nonetheless, if taken between 48 and 72 hours following unprotected intercourse, solely 58 per cent of anticipated pregnancies will be prevented.

It’s unclear whether or not or not Postinor-2 works whether it is taken larger than 72 hours after unprotected intercourse.

It’s accessible in two medication that ought to be taken inside 72 hours of s3x, and since it is easy to utilize, accessible, and associated to the concept it prevents being pregnant, many females have begun to take the drug each day to steer clear of being pregnant, and everybody is aware of that an extreme quantity of of one thing is harmful, notably referring to the physique system.

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So Does Postinor-2 Have Any Side Outcomes?

All medicines have unintended results, nonetheless sometimes they don’t seem to be important. The producers of this drug have created this drug with many safeguards in place and with in depth assessments, the drug was seen to haven’t any unintended results moreover the customer of the drug is pregnant, has breast most cancers, is allergic to any of the weather used to make the drug, is experiencing vaginal bleeding or the female is beneath totally different medicines that react negatively to postinor-2 when it is taken.

So with these, it is easy to think about that postinor-2 is solely as protected as totally different medication equipped one follows the instructions on the packet enclosing the drug.

Correctly, let’s be clear about some points. Postinor-2 as an emergency contraceptive is simply not meant to be taken often, nonetheless many women take this without any consideration and a reasonably gorgeous and alarming number of them sees the drug as a being pregnant stopper and that it is also capable of stopping s3xually transmitted diseases ( STDS) and the drug can also work anytime and wherever to cease being pregnant, and on account of this notion, this drug is used means above its supposed basis, and naturally, it should end in issues because of the physique system has certainly not favored an extreme quantity of of one thing.

For example, everybody is aware of that consuming too many sweet points may trigger diabetes and an extreme quantity of ingestion of carbohydrates causes kwashiorkor. So this means taking that an extreme quantity of taking of this drug will end in unintended results and some of those outcomes could also be lethal or important.

Postinor-2 medication is meant to perform an emergency for these very unusual events any individual forgot to utilize a condom, or when any individual is simply undecided regarding the effectiveness of one other sort of contraceptive he/she is using, nonetheless when it is now used often, it impacts the physique system.

Equivalent to most medication, frequent use of this drug causes issues, dizziness, fatigue, nausea and vomiting, nonetheless basically probably the most lethal facet impression of postinor-2 on women on account of prolonged and frequent use of it is the impression it has on menstruation.


Being a hormone, widespread use of postinor-2 reacts negatively with menstrual cycles. Repeated use of the drug ends in irregular cycles, missed intervals, and prolonged bleeding because of this drug accommodates one frequent female hormone, levonorgestrel, a progestin, and embody hormone that forestalls being pregnant primarily by delaying or stopping ovulation, thus stopping fertilization and if the drug is often used, ovulation includes an irregular standstill and it’ll disturb the physique’s homeostasis thereby leading to issues.

The reproductive system of females consists of sophisticated options and menstruation is one amongst these options, and it actually works in symphony with ovulation and fertilization, and menstruation is affected, these totally different reproductive options are moreover affected and naturally, you perceive how important reproduction is, and when these options are affected, it ends in predominant issues.

Widespread and prolonged use of this drug unnecessarily delays women’s menstrual cycle and the cycle may come earlier at an sudden time, consequently, fertilization and the ovarian cycle which is crucial for being pregnant will be affected.

This facet impression places them on the hazard of infertility, because of an extreme quantity of postinor-2 will weaken the wall of the womb and hurt the uterus, and naturally, it should set off miscarriages ultimately, such that on the time when a lady is ready to get pregnant, points merely someway refuse to happen and it’s as a result of the woman has ingested the drug very constantly to the extent that the drug had put points in keep for too prolonged and when these points are needed to carry out, they solely refuse to carry out.

In conclusion, it is merely important to know that postinor-2 is simply not a typical widespread contraceptive. It has its time prohibit and it must solely be used when wanted.

It should not be used too constantly, not more than six to 12 tablets a yr and one must certainly not take previous the two required tablets at each stage of use.

It’s often important to know that Postinor-2 will not cease you from catching s3xually transmitted diseases. No matter how prolonged you utilize the drug, it might presumably certainly not cease you from deciding on HIV or one other sort of s3xually transmitted sickness.

Women must on a regular basis ask their doctor or pharmacist in the event that they’ve any questions on why they’re taking Postinor-2. Postinor-2 is an emergency contraceptive solely. Postinor-2 is simply not designed to be used as an on a regular basis contraceptive.

In some extreme circumstances; hypertension, coronary coronary heart failure, stroke, migraines, breast tenderness, epilepsy, kidney points, diabetes mellitus, hyperlipidaemia, despair, and even suicide have been reported following the prolonged use of this drug.

All these and a lot of the menstrual disharmonies, similar to painful intervals, endometriosis, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, and infertility could also be averted by taking greater care and observing the exact precautions when using postinor-2.


The Postinor-2 is designed to work in an identical technique to the female hormone progesterone, which means it may permit you to steer clear of becoming pregnant in case you are taking it inside a suitable time frame.

If used as directed, it’d set off ovulation to be delayed or stopped.

Postinor-2 acts by interfering with the sperm and egg’s passage and making it extra sturdy for them to fulfill if ovulation has already occurred.

It moreover changes the uterine lining, making it uninhabitable for the fertilized egg to embed itself.

Postinor-2 must be taken no later than three days after having intercourse with out security. It is, however, additional worthwhile when medication is started nearer to the time of the s3xual contact.

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Can Postinor-2 set off infertility?

Postinor-2 does not set off infertility. Nonetheless, it must solely be utilized in an emergency and by no means as a routine contraceptive method. Your menstrual cycle is also disrupted in case you are taking an extreme quantity of postinor-2.

This emergency contraception is simply not supposed to be used as a regular contraceptive strategy. Postinor-2 is a medication that is designed to be given after unprotected intercourse in an effort to cease being pregnant. Postinor-2 is believed to cease roughly 90% of unintended pregnancys, although it does not guarantee {{that a}} being pregnant will not occur.

This emergency capsule works by stopping the ovaries from producing an egg, stopping sperm from fertilizing an egg that has already been launched or stopping a fertilized egg from attaching itself to the uterine lining. If you happen to’re already pregnant, this emergency contraception will not work.

It would permit you to steer clear of becoming pregnant, nonetheless it’s best to take the first pill inside 72 hours (three days) after having s3x with out security. That’s when it’s at its best. The second pill must be taken 12 hours (nonetheless no more than 16 hours) after the first.

Remember however that an overdose of postinor-2 weakens the uterine wall and damages the uterus. This may result in subsequent miscarriages.

Stop using it as a approach of family planning. Search the recommendation of a well being care supplier about long-term contraceptive selections which have fewer opposed outcomes and are less complicated in stopping conception.

Lastly, I need condoms since drug utilization is harmful. It may not work frequently, and it negatively impacts a lady’s physique.