Thea Alliance Raid Boss Guide: Defeat Philac, Limolin, Ason & Ulia in Depth

The Thea Alliance Raid beckons, its gleaming gates promising epic encounters and exhilarating challenges. But before you plunge into the fray, equip yourself with the knowledge that will turn you from a valiant adventurer into a Thea-taming veteran. This guide delves deep into the mechanics of each encounter, dissecting their intricacies and crafting clear strategies for vanquishing Philac, Limolin, Ason, and the radiant Ulia.

Philac: Master of Triangles and Knockbacks

  • Karaus & Clone Combo: The fight opens with this fiery baptism. As Philac unleashes Karaus, a devastating raid-wide attack, a clone spawns on one side of the arena. Move swiftly to the opposite side to avoid the ensuing knockback.
  • Stacking for Strength: Brace yourself for a stack marker. Huddle close to Philac, melee rejoice, for this is your power moment!
  • Left/Right Bank Cleave: Watch Philac’s gaze. The chosen direction unleashes a brutal cleave, bisecting the arena. Stay sharp and move to the safe side.
  • Spreading Like Wildfire: Spread markers bloom across the field. Position yourself strategically, leaving ample space for others to DPS without sacrificing your own damage.
  • Tank’s Trifecta: A triple tank buster roars to life. Stand strong, tanks! Everyone else, avoid standing behind them to be spared the brunt of the attack.
  • Tet Tractus: A Dance of Triangles: Enter the dance of triangles. A large triangle defines the safe zone, within which smaller triangles shift and expand. Dodge the expanding shapes, noting that smaller ones fill specific smaller triangles, while the large green one engulfs four corner triangles.
  • Cosmic Triangles: Seeking Safe Harbor: Brace yourself for Tet tractus Cosmos. Triangles shimmer into existence, projecting beams of light. Stand on the corner of the closest safe triangle, but be ready to adjust based on the second triangle’s projection. Don’t get caught in the crossfire!
  • Re Agnosis Petrin: Knockback with a Twist: Knockback looms once more. This time, however, danger lurks on one side of the arena. Look for shimmering markers on the riverbank – the side devoid of them marks your refuge. Run!

Limolin: Mistress of Wind and Water

  • Tempestuous Welcome: Brace yourself for the raid-wide AoE, Tempest, a baptism by swirling water. Weather the storm and prepare for the dance to come.
  • Sea Foam Spiral & Wind Rose: A watery waltz begins. Sea Foam Spiral, a donut AoE, beckons you to dance beneath Limolin. But beware, for Wind Rose, a point-blank blast, erupts moments later. Step back swiftly to avoid its wrath.
  • Navigator’s Trident: A Double-Edged Cleave: The dance intensifies. Navigator’s Trident cleaves both sides of the arena in quick succession. React fast and switch sides immediately to avoid being swept away.
  • Knockback & Bowling Alley: Brace for a watery tumble. A knockback sends you flying to the sides of the arena. But the journey isn’t over. Face Limolin and run! Dodge the side AoEs that erupt after the knockback to regain your footing.
  • Left/Right Straight: Stay Opposite the Danger: Pay attention to Limolin’s movements. Stand opposite the side she points her Trident towards or the direction she faces to avoid her punishing cleave.
  • Trident Landing: A Safe Haven in Chaos: Trident strikes descend upon the arena. Move quickly to the safe spot created by the last Trident landing within the explosion of the first.
  • AoE Symphony & Watery Serpents: Brace yourself for a chaotic crescendo. Dodge floor AoEs while navigating the line AoEs projected by the Water Snake Dragons. Listen for the splashy cues that herald their Left/Right Straight attacks, and adjust your positioning accordingly.
  • Gods Span & One Last Knockback: A final raid-wide attack, Gods Span, tests your resilience. Prepare yourself for one more knockback. This time, one side remains safe – the other falls prey to the Water Snake Dragons’ cleaving jaws. Choose wisely!
  • Bowling Alley 2.0: Back for Another Round: The watery waltz resumes. Dodge a point-blank or donut AoE, brace for another knockback, face Limolin, and dodge the AoEs that erupt on your path back. Master the rhythm, and Limolin’s watery fury will be quelled.

Ason: Master of Clones and Celestial Tracks

  • A Sonorous Start: The fight opens with a resounding raid-wide AoE. Grit your teeth and weather the initial onslaught. This sets the stage for a battle of cunning and reflexes.
  • Triangular Trajectory: Witness Ason project a triangular AoE. Track its path and dodge towards the safe side next to where Ason lands. Don’t get caught in the fiery wake!
  • Double Trouble: Reproducing: Ason creates a clone. Remember the triangular AoE? The principle applies here too. Dodge towards the safe side opposite the clone’s landing spot.
  • Stacking for Meltdown: A stack marker appears, beckoning melee DPS to huddle close for maximum potency. Tanks, brace yourselves and hold fast! This is a moment to unleash your combined might.
  • Soaring Elegance: Minouette in the Sky: Ason takes flight, unleashing Soaring Minouette. Look for the green markers around him – they denote the safe zone amidst the swirling blades. Find your haven and remain steadfast.
  • Tank Buster Tango: A tank buster erupts. Spread out, fellow adventurers, and give the tanks room to dance with this fiery challenge. Stand strong, defenders of the realm!
  • Double Vision: Reproducing with a Twist: Ason throws a curveball. This time, two clones emerge, each projecting their own triangular AoE. Fear not! The safe corner lies between the projected triangles. Seek refuge there and prepare for the next act.
  • Downhill Dash & Climbing Chaos: A knockback and a flurry of AoEs erupt simultaneously. Use your knockback mitigation or skillfully maneuver into a safe spot amidst the fiery chaos. This is a test of agility and swift decision-making.
  • Stack, Track, and Repeat: Brace yourself for another stack marker, followed by another tracking shot. Stay focused, adventurers! Dodge the AoE created where the arrows meet, and emerge victorious from this test of precision.
  • Phase Two: Anchoring a New Challenge: The arena shifts, ushering in phase two. Ason anchors himself in two spots, one closer and one further away. Remember the circular AoEs? Avoid the areas where he anchors to remain unscathed.
  • Altitude: A Dance of Markers: Ethereal markers dance across the arena, marking impending AoEs. Move quickly and decisively, finding and staying within the safe spot until the storm subsides. Timing is key!
  • Stacking & Tracking in Stereo: Another stack marker demands your attention, followed by yet another tracking shot. Don’t let fatigue cloud your focus! Maintain your precision and dodge the final AoE, proving your mastery over Ason’s celestial dance.
  • Arrow Trail: A Run Through Fire: A field of flaming arrows streaks across the arena, leaving a fiery trail in its wake. Move between the Arrow Trail markers as they pass, weaving your way through the inferno unscathed. Swiftness is your shield!
  • Anchoring the Finale: A final test awaits. Ason anchors once more, followed by a circular AoE. Combine your knowledge: avoid the AoE, anticipate the knockback from the opposite side, and dodge any markers placed on the arena’s edge. Master this intricate combination, and Ason’s celestial might will be forever subdued.

Ulia: Radiant Dancer of Light and Blades

  • Dawn of Time: A Blazing Welcome: Prepare for a fiery baptism. Ulia unleashes Dawn of Time, a devastating raid-wide AoE. Stand strong, adventurers, for the true spectacle is yet to begin.
  • Formulating Formidable Attacks: Ulia dances across the arena, her movements shaping the next assault. Watch for the glowing shapes swirling around her – they foretell her Form AoEs. If the shape appears on the right side of her, expect a right cleave. If it’s on the left, prepare for a left cleave. Stay opposite the danger zone to avoid being swept away.
  • Tank Busters: A Familiar Challenge: Tank busters erupt once more. Handle them as you have before, with steadfast tanks and swift DPS. Let your combined might break through Ulia’s defenses!
  • Solar Fans: A Waltz with Fire: Two blazing fans dance around the arena, their fiery breath
  • Solar Fans: A Waltz with Fire: Two blazing fans dance around the arena, their fiery breath threatening to engulf everything. Seek refuge on the platform in the center until the fans stop moving. Then, step out carefully, ensuring you’re not caught in their fiery embrace.
  • Numbered Knockbacks: Time Your Retreat: Brace yourselves for a series of numbered knockbacks. Watch closely, for one will be marked with a clock, indicating it will trigger first. React swiftly and dodge the knockback in the correct order to avoid being flung out of the arena.
  • Stacking for Survival: A Moment of Solidarity: A stack marker appears, demanding your immediate attention. Huddle close to Ulia, for in unity lies your strength. This is your chance to unleash a devastating blow, so hold nothing back!
  • High Hieroglyphica: A Checkered Challenge: Remember Philac’s hieroglyphica? It returns here, but with a twist. Fist of the Destroyer joins the fray, summoning portals that mirror each other. Match the portal colors, dodging the AoE created at the corresponding portal on the side of the arena. Don’t let Ulia’s deceptive dance confuse you!
  • Matrix Breath: A Symphony of Colors: Two safe zones, blue and yellow, beckon you. Brace yourself for Matrix Breath. Colored and numbered markers appear. Stand in the safe zone matching the color of the marker that activates at that time. Blue to blue, yellow to yellow – focus and maintain the rhythm to avoid fiery consequences.
  • Trident Fury: A Dance with Echoes: Remember Ason’s tridents? They return, leaving a trail of destruction. Move to the last Trident’s landing spot and then quickly shift to the safe area created by the first explosion. This is a test of your reflexes and spatial awareness!
  • Burot Strike & Cleaving Finale: A blue marker erupts, beckoning you to aim it away from the arena’s edge. This will determine your knockback direction. Watch for yellow markers appearing around Ulia – they mark the cleave’s path after the knockback. Position yourself strategically to avoid both the knockback and the cleaving blades.
  • Thousandfold Thrust: A Cleaving Crescendo: Ulia unleashes a final, devastating attack. Red markers swirl around her, culminating in a massive cleave in one half of the arena. Look for the grouping and direction of the markers – they will guide you to the safe side. Stand firm and weather the storm!
  • As Above, So Below: A Final Test of Unity: Ulia paints the sky in either orange or blue, unleashing a powerful raid-wide attack. Only AoEs matching the sky’s color will activate. Stand near opposite-colored markers, utilizing knockback mitigation if needed, to emerge victorious from this final test.
  • Soaring Minouette: A Familiar Farewell: Ulia takes to the skies one last time, unleashing her signature Soaring Minouette. Take refuge behind her to avoid this cleaving finale. With this final maneuver, Ulia’s radiant fury is quelled, and you stand triumphant in the heart of the Thea Alliance Raid.

Beyond the Bosses:

This guide is but a stepping stone on your path to conquering Thea. Remember, communication, coordination, and swift adaptation are key to overcoming each challenge. Embrace the dance of each encounter, learn from your mistakes, and celebrate your victories with your fellow adventurers. May the blessings of the Twelve guide your steps, and may you emerge from the Thea Alliance Raid as heroes forged in the fires of triumph!

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