VR Multiplayer Showdown: Onward vs. Contractors – Which Quest 2 Shooter Claims the Crown?

For Oculus Quest 2 players thirsting for immersive, heart-pounding multiplayer VR combat, two giants stand head and shoulders above the rest: Onward and Contractors. Both have carved their names in the VR shooter hall of fame, but choosing between them can feel like picking between an ice-cold sniper’s perch and a blistering machine-gun frenzy. So, where do you point your virtual sights? Fear not, intrepid soldier, for this breakdown dives deep into the trenches of Onward and Contractors, uncovering their strengths, weaknesses, and everything in between, to help you dominate the battlefield of your choice.

Gameplay Philosophies: Tactical Tortoise vs. Arcade Hare

The core gameplay experience is where these titles diverge most dramatically. Onward champions a deliberate, tactical approach. Each life counts, with a one-life-per-round philosophy emphasizing careful movement, strategic communication, and precise shooting. Think meticulously planned flanks, cover utilization like second nature, and every bullet carrying the weight of victory or defeat. This “mil-sim” feel rewards patience, discipline, and teamwork, turning every firefight into a tense chess match of tactical maneuvering.

Contractors, on the other hand, injects a shot of adrenaline straight into your VR veins. It’s an arcade shooter paradise, where fast-paced, reflex-driven gunfights reign supreme. Constant action is the name of the game, with respawns fueling a nonstop cycle of sprint, shoot, and repeat. Movement is king, with sliding, jumping, and sprinting around cover becoming your default dance moves. Think “Call of Duty VR,” where quick reactions, accurate bursts of fire, and a dash of recklessness can turn you into a frag-tastic hero.

Game Modes: Variety Buffet vs. Polished Essentials

Onward keeps its game mode selection curated, focusing on mastering the core mechanics. Uplink tasks you with strategically uploading data while the enemy defends, while Escort demands teamwork to shepherd a vulnerable VIP to safety. Gun Game provides a classic twist on elimination, and the unique Spec Ops mode pits quick-kniving ghosts against pistol-wielding humans in a tense game of cat and mouse. The focus is on refining your skills within these core modes, becoming a master of movement, tactics, and weapon handling.

Contractors throws a smorgasbord of game modes at you, ensuring something for every taste. Capture the Flag with 16 players? You got it. Team Deathmatch and Escort classics? Check. Want to relive WWII battles or become a stealthy ninja assassin? Contractors has you covered. Custom maps and game modes further expand the horizons, with Halo arenas and gun game mayhem just a download away. This constant influx of fresh experiences keeps the action unpredictable and your trigger finger itchy.

Single Player: Practice Playground vs. Bot Slog

Solo players might find more to chew on in Onward. Its AI enemies, while not the brightest bulbs in the shed, offer decent practice for multiplayer engagements. Hunt mode tasks you with clearing the map of AI hostiles, while Evac throws wave after wave of enemies at you, demanding strategic defense and resource management. Escape offers a thrilling helicopter extraction finale, adding a cinematic touch to the solo experience.

Contractors’ single-player offerings feel comparatively lackluster. Repetitive AI missions quickly lose their charm, and the “Zombie Survival” mode feels like an afterthought. While co-op missions and the wave-based “Survival” mode offer some fun with friends, Onward takes the solo crown with its more polished and engaging AI encounters.

Weaponry and Loadouts: Deep Customization vs. Quick Draw

Onward’s weapon system embraces tactical depth. AP and FMJ ammunition choices cater to different scenarios, while armor variations alter your mobility and survivability. Attachments like bipods and lasers personalize your playstyle, and role-specific gear like drones and RPGs unlock unique tactical opportunities. Each loadout feels like a carefully crafted tool, demanding thoughtful planning and adaptation.

Contractors lets you unleash your inner trigger-happy gunslinger. While weapon variety is wider, some options underperform, often leading players to gravitate towards a handful of “meta” choices. Loadouts are limited to five slots, encouraging quick, spray-and-pray tactics. Weapon sounds can feel underwhelming, especially when suppressed, further diminishing the tactical feel. The focus is on fast, reactive combat rather than deliberate, calculated engagements.

Sound and Feel: Bullet Ballet vs. Airsoft Tango

Onward’s sound design packs a punch. Weapon reports crackle with authenticity, bullets whisper past your ear in chilling near misses, and explosions rumble with visceral impact. Every shot feels weighty, every interaction impactful, amplifying the tension and drama of each encounter.

Contractors’ soundscape suffers in comparison. Weapon audio can feel muted, especially with suppressors, making firefights lack making firefights lack that edge-of-your-seat immediacy. Explosions feel less impactful, and the overall audio lacks the punch and immersion to truly transport you to the heat of battle. This isn’t to say Contractors’ sound design is bad, but it pales in comparison to Onward’s cinematic intensity.

Updates and Development: Steady Steeds vs. Galloping Stallions

Onward takes a slow and steady approach to updates, focusing on polish and balance tweaks. The community map scene offers some additional variety, but overall, the core experience remains largely unchanged. This might disappoint players seeking constant injections of new content, but it ensures a stable and well-balanced platform for mastering the tactical intricacies.

Contractors, on the other hand, gallops into the arena with frequent and substantial updates. New maps, game modes, weapons, and features are regularly added, keeping the content fresh and the meta evolving. This rapidfire development can be a double-edged sword, with occasional bugs and balance issues cropping up. However, for players who crave constant surprises and a dynamic online landscape, Contractors delivers in spades.

Ultimately: Choosing Your Battlefield

So, Onward or Contractors? The answer, like in most things in life, is: it depends. If you crave slow-burn tactics, calculated movements, and the cerebral thrill of masterminding a victory, Onward is your VR battleground. Every life is precious, every bullet matters, and your strategic prowess will be your sharpest weapon.

But if your heart beats for relentless action, arcade thrills, and the adrenaline rush of outgunning your opponents in a whirlwind of bullets and sprints, Contractors awaits. Jump in, grab your gun, and let your reflexes do the talking – just remember, respawn tickets don’t last forever.

No matter your preference, both Onward and Contractors offer exceptional VR experiences, each carving its own niche in the competitive shooter landscape. Weigh your tastes, grab your helmet, and prepare to dive into the heart-pounding world of virtual warfare. Who knows, you might just find yourself ruling your chosen battlefield as the undisputed champion of the Quest 2 shooter arena.

Bonus Points:

  • Community: Both games boast passionate and engaged communities, offering helpful tips, lively discussions, and even organized competitive leagues.
  • Accessibility: Both offer intuitive control schemes and adjustable difficulty levels, welcoming VR newcomers and seasoned veterans alike.
  • Customization: Beyond weapons and loadouts, both games offer some visual customization options, allowing you to personalize your virtual soldier.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. So, strap on your visor, soldier, and prepare to claim your victory in the thrilling VR battlefields of Onward and Contractors!

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